Development and maintenance of FileMaker Application, Filemaker GO, CWP and WebDirect

Developing custom applications with FileMaker

UI/UX and Web Design and Development

Web Application Design & Development

Content Development and Marketing, Web Development and Maintenance, Mobile App and E-commerce development

CMS, E-commerce and Mobile App development



Software applications that are fully operated, managed and supported on demand. Our highly skilled developers are delivering a quality product on demand over 6 years and we are mainly focusing on FileMaker application development, web application development and mobile application development.

Data Synchronization

Synchronization of data across devices such as a service that syncs your contacts and photos on your mobile and home devices. We provide managed solution to deal with multiple data sources such as FileMaker connecting with MySQL and MySQL with a SQL, MS Access, etc. We use FileMaker’s JDBC/ODBC feature to extend this synchronization


Services that visualize data for human consumption and tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.


Services that allow you to semi-automate custom business processes that include human tasks. We follow the best development strategies to provide the perfect project workflow that saves 1000s of hours for the end user. We provide project management applications can handle your internal projects, tasks and milestones

Event Processing

Services for managing events. For example, a tool that can create an incident ticket based on an error in a log, a tool to manage your customer’s support tickets, a tool to plan / schedule meeting based on your availability in calendar, etc…

Information Security

Information security services such as a proxy that blocks suspicious requests to a service. We sincerely maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability and these are the three main objectives of our security.


Services that can be used to extend the functionality of code. For example, an API that a mobile is using to verify the identity of a user. We developed nearly 50 APIs so far for our various clients and our dedicated servers will handle the speed effortlessly.


Storage of data such as a cloud database service. Our developers and database administrators have vast experience in handling the databases over multiple platforms such as FileMaker, MySQL, SQL, MariaDB, Oracle, etc…

Content Management

Content management tools that allow you to organize, control and share content and documents. We provide option to create and manage digital content that provides collaborative authoring for websites. We use some familiar CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.…

Process Automation

Managed tools for automating work such as a platform for developing and deploying bots. A complete process automation can save man power and reduce cost. We analyze the customer’s need and we will work with the customer to understand what the best way is to automate the day to day process such as inventory, sales, etc…

High-tech computer digital technology, global surveillance


Tools for monitoring technologies and business processes. With the interactive dashboard, the administrator of the organization can see what is happening with the premises such as the total number of sales, the profit / loss for a day. When we provide solution to the customer, we normally consider this to intimate the administrator to monitor all in one place.

Mobile Application

Mobile applications such as a navigation service, booking a slot, ordering something through your mobile application. Here we do control the mobile applications with both FileMaker as well as MySQL end. We use hybrid tools such as React Native and Ionic to deliver well-designed mobile applications to our customers.

Our design process includes Following steps

  • Prepare overall design, get the required tools and estimate the time for any project Develop a complete prototype with a working model.
  • Assess the current technology infrastructure and develop a plan for revisions based on status and anticipated needs.
  • Establish the development environment tools and guidelines, and develop a complete, representative slice of the application.
  • Create Test Plans for all software modules, database failure and recovery procedures, and software integration.
  • Submit all the Project to client with full documentation and in addition to this we will give full explanation.

We follow below values

  • Customer First: We respond to customers speedily, courteously and effectively at any time.
  • Professionalism: We will concentrate on giving good product to clients with in short period of time. Also support innovation and well-reasoned risk taking, demanding performance.
  • Quality focus: We make quality and clarity in our work, our products and our interactions. We believe in the ‘First Time Right’ approach in delivery.