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Tigeen Xero(T-Xero)

T-Xero is a FileMaker plugin for integrating FileMaker Pro Advanced / FileMaker Go with Xero accounting software.

Our plugin supports the following :

  • Contacts: create and modify Contacts.
  • Invoices: create and modify Invoices.
  • Purchase Orders: create and modify Purchase Orders.
  • Items: create and modify Items.
  • Payments: create and modify Payments against an Invoice.
  • Users: Pull Xero Users.
  • Account Codes: create and update Account Codes from Xero.
  • Tax Rates: create and update Tax Rates from Xero.
  • BankTransactions: create and update BankTransactions from Xero.

We have integrated successfully all these things for multiple customers and our Plugin development team is integrating all these things into a FileMaker Plugin which is planned to release later this year. But we can integrate FileMaker with Xero without our plugin for just 800$ one time cost. Seems interesting ? Yes, Please contact us to get started.